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Music   Marketing
For Alternative Musicians 

Make A Seen is about making your music stand out in today's crowded digital world.

We help musicians reach a wider audience and free them to focus on their music by leveraging our marketing and branding expertise and our extensive experience in social media management, to create a tailord marketing paln for your music.

With a proven track record in the music industry, our services are tailored

to meet the needs of musicians.

We can help you create a unique and visually appealing identity that will capture the essence of your music and stand out in any application.

We aim to increase your reach and attract more fans by improving your visibility

and engagement on social media.

Whether planning a new release or looking to build your fan base, We can help you execute a successful strategy that will connect you with your audience and elevate your music to new heights.

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What We Do
Music marketing

Promoting music is challenging; it requires a unique strategy that combines expertise in branding and marketing to stand out from the crowd but still reflect your musical style to attract new followers.


We create a personalised marketing plan with a targeted social media strategy. The entire execution of the marketing and social media plan is our responsibility, which frees up the musician's time to focus on their music.

We concider your targets and goals and operate on all music platfroms on your behalf, from Spotify to bandcamp & YouTube. We are there for you!

So Why 'Make A Seen'?

We all know the importance of appearance in today's crowded music scene, on and outside our digital world.

Coming from the music industry as a promoter, radio broadcaster and band manager, We dedicated Make a Seen to alternative musicians only.

​We are experts in branding and marketing, and we are confident in our ability to provide you with specialised services that will take your music to the next level while fully understanding and meeting your needs.


A personalised marketing plan can unlock your social media potential. Boost followers, streams, and sales for gigs and new releases.

Having Make A Seen by your side means:

Your music is in good hands!

Your socials are cared for, and each day holds activity that takes your music one step forward without you making any effort. 

We will engage in all those time-consuming tasks
 and free you to create more music.

We focus on you while you focus on your music.

Why Make A Seen?
Hi There
Galit Korni the founder of make a seen

"Music has been both my doorway of perception and the house that I live in"

David Bowie

Hi, I am Galit Korni,
The Founder of Make A Seen. 

Music is everything to me; it's been the essence of my life since I can remember. 

As a marketing expert and a brand specialist with over 15 years of experience, I want to enable alternative musicians to afford great branding and free them to concentrate on their music while I will take care of everything else. 
Since I practically live in the digital world and know every music app, I know how critical it is to give your music a unique and exciting look that will reflect your voice visually, stand out and be noticed among all the other acts. 

I am a radio broadcaster and dancefloor DJ in my free time.
In the past, I also engaged in band management and concert organizing. 

If your looking for marketing solutions, socials management or inspiring branding​
 you can schedule an introductory meeting or send me an email.
And please
send your links as well
 I would love to hear you out. 

What People Say


Burton Badman Band

Burton Badman

Social Media Management

Galit started working with us just before we released our debut album. It immediately felt like a match made in heaven. In a quick yet thorough process, she developed a branding strategy that aligned with our goals and needs and took over our social channels. Her vast knowledge of the alternative rock scene and endless passion, creativity and commitment helped us boost our social media presence to a successful launch. Galit was there for anything we needed, including things we didn’t even know we needed, allowing us to focus on what we make best – music!



We'd love to hear You Out!

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