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The Importance of Music Branding

Branding your music is a great way to make yourself noticeable in the crowded and noisy digital world.

Branding is much more than a logo, it's a whole visual language, and if done right, it will create a visual identity that will help you stand out on your digital platforms and make your fans feel more connected to you and bring them closer to your music.

This post will emphasize the importance of music branding.

How can branding help You Reach New Ears?

Without music branding, it's much harder to cut through the noise and get your music heard by new fans. By creating a consistent visual identity, you can establish a connection with your current fans and attract new ones.

It sets the tone for how your music is perceived by fans and establishes a visual identity for your sound.

From logos to album covers, you can use aspects of your music branding to connect with your current fans and engage new ones.

Use your music branding to create a compelling experience for fans.

Can It Affect Radio Plays?

As a DJ with my own radio show, I receive a lot of new music all the time, and by A Lot, I mean Tones of new music. And while I wish to listen to it all, I just can't, and I have to screen out songs and albums just by looking at their cover. Since I specialize in Alternative music, an album cover that "Speaks" in a different genre can be left out.

On the other hand, an album cover can look promising, but then the music is so far away from this promise, and it is upsetting. For example, you can't wear leather and spikes on your single cover if it's R&B music.

How Can You Tell if It's a Good Branding Or a Great One?

  • If it looks the same way it sounds - you've nailed it!

You can share it with your friends to have an outsider perspective

  • Your logo must be transparent in any size and deliver your musical essence.

  • Your colors need to be eye-catching, but at the same time, they should resonate with your sound! Please do not repeat colors that other artists in your genre use. (Let's all put the millennial pink behind us:))

  • Make sure you are looking slightly similar to other artists in your genre but, at the same time, take a different and refreshing angle of that look.

Here are some examples of great branding, from the logo to the fonts, color palette and to album art, all speak in the same language:


Then Comes Silence

Fontaines D.C.

Kaelan Mikla

For further info or any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Galit Korni is the founder of Make A Seen, specializes in Alternative music, Marketing & Branding and has vast experience in the music industry.

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