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Share Your Music On your Socials!

Updated: Jun 27

Make It easy for your followers to find and listen to your music.

In my endless search for new music, I check many bands and musicians' socials.

I expect to have links on their profiles connected to their music on Spotify, Youtube, Bandcamp, etc., and to see what they are up to nowadays. Is a new tour or a new album on the way?

Those are things of interest to people from the music industry and fans.

It is incredible to realize how many musicians can post about their new music and skip the link leading to their new song, or even worse - they don't have any links on their profile to their channels.

Share links to your music on all your socials.

I am a digger when it comes to music; I will search and go the extra mile to listen to someone who I find as exciting or think that there is a chance his music is in my genre.

But most people won't do that.

Most people need to be spoon-fed.

You will probably hear this from me in the future- the music market is crowded.

It is unbelievable how much new music is being released every day.

It is so easy and much cheaper to record new music, so everyone with a bit of experience and some talent is doing so.

The audience and the music industry professionals are drowning in new releases!

Our patience and free time are limited.

If you don't take the time to lead us as fast and efficiently as possible to your music, we might skip to the next musician without giving you the chance you deserve.

Take a few minutes to make a self-check on your socials.

See if you have all the links everywhere.

If you are concentrating on a specific platform to increase your followers there, like Spotify, for example, then make sure it is the first link on your socials.

This is the first thing I do when I start working with a new musician; whether it is a social media management or marketing plan, I will check the visibility on socials and the access to the music.

This is the essential thing.

Go ahead, and check your links.

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