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How To Make Great PR For Your Music On A Tight Budget!

Updated: Sep 28

The music industry has changed a lot in the last decade.

In the past, a musician who wanted his music to be heard looked for a label to support his recordings, a PR agency to promote it to radio, TV, and magazines, and a manager and booking agency to ensure he would be up on stage and receive payment.

Expensive and complicated!

But here we are at a time fully backed up with technology that has helped improve our lives in every field, and the music industry is no exception.

Thousands of marketing and promotions apps and agencies specialising in essential things for musicians are out there.

Your Instagram and Facebook feed must be full of offers to use modern tools that can help you increase streams, followers, and awareness.

It is an endless (well, almost) world of opportunities for the unfamiliar musicians struggling to combine the day job and music making.

The keywords today are "easy to make" and "low-budget."

In this post, I will address the most accessible and helpful tool I have experienced with my musicians and had great results with - submission platforms.

So here is how you can make an excellent PR for your music on a tight budget:

Submission Platforms are an easy and cheap way to generate PR and submit to playlists on Spotify or contact radio shows worldwide.

There are differences between the various platforms; they have different business models and pricing, and the results can change dramatically from one platform to another.

It all depends on your KPI.

For example, if you have released a new single, your goal would be to have more streams and increase followers.

So your KPIs will be - Linck clicks, awareness, and likes or follows on your socials.

You can quickly choose a submission platform to contact bloggers, magazines, and Spotify playlist curators.

On most submission platforms, it will cost you around 2 per contact or 19.90$ per month with a list of contacts.

If you need more massive PR, you can screen the curators/bloggers/radio DJs according to your needs and pitch them your music. Then, wait for responses and create posts, stories, and reels.

You can spend less on PR at the beginning of your music career. Wait until you're more established and need extensive publicity targets. If you're still working a day job, keep your marketing and PR budget tight, but use it wisely.

Here are some of my favourite submission platforms:

Feel free to contact me for more info 🎶

Good luck!

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